The Company That is Helping Card Collectors to Protect and Display Their Collections Vanity Slabs Inc. specializes in protecting your cards but also offers the highest class of styles in order to make your cards stand out even more.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Miami, FL, December 13, 2021 - Are you a card collector? This will surely interest you. Meet Vanity Slabs: the company that makes Reusable trading card slabs. They launched in August at the National, the biggest cards collector's show, and will help thousands of collectors to be proud again of their collections by helping them "to protect and display their collections at the highest level", as Craig Conway, COO of the company, explains. Vanity Slabs Sports cards cases were created by knowing that once you've bought a card and it is out of its wrap, the value can decay or elevate depending on the care you have while manipulating the object. That's why they choose to specialize in Sports cards protector products by making top- quality slabs. But also to offer the highest class of style in order to make your cards stand out even more for the rest on the market. So what is a slab? Well, they are hard plastic cases that protect your card from everything, whether it is dust, stains, folding corners, or unwanted marks. You can think of the worst scenario, and yet with the right slab, your card will stay safe. Additionally, they're the most aesthetically pleasing way to present and display the best cards of your collection, and more with their personal customization in where you get to design your own directly at their website. On the labels inside of Vanity Slabs, They have had card breakers use their logos, shop owners use their store names, personal collectors interchanging color schemes for players and teams, etc. It is an amazing opportunity for everyone's personal creations to be developed. The biggest asset of this company is that its creator knows exactly what the public wants since it is a project made by collectors, for collectors. In fact, Vanity Slabs started as an idea and a phone call. The VSI team had known each other solely from a Facebook Card Room through COVID and the first time they met was at the National in Chicago back in August, and the idea of the company spawned in February of this year. Henry Bueno, CEO, Craig Conway COO were the starting two. They went through many product prototypes for each of the products on their product line, but mainly the slabs as they began. They weren't content until the highest level of their expectations was met, and that is where the name Vanity Slabs came into play. After the website build was almost complete, they looked to launch in July but decided it would be best to wait until the National in Chicago, which happened in August. There, they partnered with Beckett -the host of the event (Beckett didn’t host the National, but did host the Industry Summit a month later) and highly respected name in the community by being one of the largest grading companies- and sent 350 of their slabs to be handed out at one of their large events(The Industry Summit) to the vendors. And since then, they have done launch parties with Kingston, NY’s Hudson Valley Cards and Matt Yerkes, Cardiacs Sports and Memorabilia of Apex, NC with Seth Cannon, and David Prince of Piece of the Game in Wappingers Falls, NY. Vanity Slabs Inc. keeps expanding the hobby and growing "with" it. They know that new technologies are here and that there are many new companies popping up. That's why they are excited to grow with their partners and affiliates and hope to bring back the love and pride of collecting to the card community as a whole.

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