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Vanity Slabs uses innovative technology that ensures life-long protection for the collectible cards that you love most. Your most valuable sports cards, non sports cards, or precious little league photos will have complete protection from dust, moisture, scratches, and creases.


Show Your Non-Graded Cards Some Love.

Showcase your favorite non-graded cards with Vanity Slab’s card protector cases. When shopping online, many buyers shop and buy raw cards based on its appeal and presentation. Vanity Slabs offers the leading aesthetically appealing reusable slab on the market with personalization capabilities.

Leading From the Front.

Vanity Slabs prides itself on being an industry leader. Your valuable collectible will be 100% protected from moisture, dust, and damage with our innovative card protector cases. Sports cards and more can be easily inserted and removed from a Vanity Slab so you can reuse each one as many times as you’d like.

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Look at my Wayne!!!

Why wait months to grade it ??? Wow!!! look at my Gretzky. I’m very proud of the result ! Two thumbs up!

Jean Deslauriers



Changing the Game

These slabs really bring your PC to life! Quality, protection and compliments your cards like no other. This is just the beginning of more to come.

Jack Burcin



I found these really cool Pokémon cards that are made from metal (they look gold plated) I needed someway to keep them from being bent, scratched or simply lost. Vanity Slabs are the ideal solution. I bought a couple of them and they have certainly exceeded my expectations. What a great product!

Robert W.


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