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Vanity Slabs™ uses innovative technology that ensures life-long protection for the collectible cards that you love most. Your most valuable sports cards, non sports cards, or precious little league photos will have complete protection from dust, moisture, scratches, and creases.

Ease of Use:

As a card collector, it is important to ensure the protection and ease of use for your trading cards. That is why investing in a Vanity Slab Holder is a great option. It offers a simple yet secure system to protect and encapsulate your trading card. Using it is easy, following just a few steps.

  1. Lay the Vanity Slab Holder on a flat surface.
  2. Open the holder by removing the top lid from the bottom tray with either your fingers or a guitar pick.
  3. Place your card without a card sleeve in the bottom section of the tray within the arrowed corners.
  4. Attach your personalized display label on the top of the tray.
  5. Before closing the holder, take a final look to make sure everything is in place and secure.

Show Your Non-Graded Cards Some Love.

Showcase your favorite non-graded cards with Vanity Slabs™ card protector cases. When shopping online, many buyers shop and buy raw cards based on its appeal and presentation. Vanity Slabs™ offers the leading aesthetically appealing reusable slab on the market with personalization capabilities.

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