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Written by: Henry Bueno



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If you are a collector of sports cards (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, UCF, Boxing...), non-sports cards (Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh...) or even little league photos, then you know how important it is to store and protect them from dust, moisture, scratches and creases. That’s why a product called Vanity Slab has been developed to provide the perfect solution for your valuable collectibles.  

Vanity Slabs is the perfect way to keep them safe and in pristine condition. With its innovative technology, Vanity Slab ensuring that they remain as pristine as when you first got them. 

Vanity Slabs offers a host of additional features that ensures your cards remain secure and in prime condition. This includes a pressurized plastic encapsulation tray and lid with anti-reflective coating, thus reducing reflection when viewing your cards. A label display area enables you to personalize and add inventory information to your cards - be it for storage, selling, or as a collector's item. Custom labels can also be tailored with player names, card information, color palettes, and even QR codes. With a range of customizable options offered, Vanity Slabs makes for an ideal choice of card protectors.

Artwork and Customization

Vanity slabs artwork is perfect for sports cards, trading cards and personalized prints. Whether you are making a single card or thousands of cards, our artwork will give you the customization needed to make your card stand out from the crowd. From simple black and white text to intricate designs and colorful backgrounds, we have something for everyone! So, make sure to check it out today! Whether you are a collector or looking for a unique gift, Vanity Slabs is the perfect source for personalizing your collection and putting your raw cards into slabs without having to send them away to anyone. Start protecting and showing off your complete card collection with style today! 

How to use, protect and encapsulate your Trading Card with a Vanity Slab Holder in a few EASY steps:


Lay Vanity Slab Holder on a flat surface Open the Vanity Slab Holder by removing the TOP LID from the BOTTOM TRAY by prying the edges with either your finger nails or a guitar pick Place your Trading Card or Sports Cards (without a card sleeve) in the 2.5" x 3.5" area in the bottom section of the tray that has arrowed corners. Place your cool Personalized Display Label on the top .81" x 2.71" area on the top of the tray. 


Before closing your vanity slab holder; take a final look to make sure that your sports cards  and display label have not moved out of place. Close the Vanity Slab Holder by placing the TOP LID on top of the BOTTOM TRAY by applying pressure on all 4 corners of the holder and sliding your fingers around the edges to assure properly seal encapsulation. 

Protecting and Encapsulating Your Trading Card 

The process of protecting and encapsulating your trading card and sports cards might seem daunting, but with the Vanity Slab Holder, it's made easy! Made with professional quality and design in mind, this holder is simple to use in just a few steps. First, lay the holder on a flat surface and remove the top lid from the bottom tray by prying the edges with your fingers or a guitar pick. Next, place your trading card (without a card sleeve) in the designated area, and adorn the top display label with your own personal touch. Finally, check your work and make any necessary adjustments before closing the holder securely. With this professional and straightforward method, your trading card will be stylishly protected in no time. 

sample sports cards slab

"Experience Uncompromised Protection For Sports Cards with Vanity Slabs

As a professional collector of sports cards, it is important to ensure the protection and ease of use for your trading cards. That is why investing in a Vanity Slab Holder is a great option. It offers a simple yet secure system to protect and encapsulate your trading card. Using it is easy, following just a few steps. Firstly, lay the Vanity Slab Holder on a flat surface. Next, open the holder by removing the top lid from the bottom tray with either your fingers or a guitar pick. Then, place your card without a card sleeve in the bottom section of the tray with arrowed corners. After that, attach your personalized display label on the top of the tray. Finally, before closing the holder, take a final look to make sure everything is in place and secure. Trust us, it is a professional solution that will enhance your collection's presentation. 

sample sports cards slabs
sample sports cards slab

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Vanity Slabs Partners

At Vanity Slabs, we are proud to partner with some of the greatest custom card artists in the industry. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind sports card or an original piece of art, these talented creatives will help bring your vision to life! From stunning realistic portraits to abstract works that capture the imagination – our partners will assist you in making your cards unique and eye-catching. 

So whether you're looking to protect and display your prized pieces, or just seeking out new cards to add to your collection – you can trust that Vanity Slabs has the perfect partners for all of your sports card needs.

Start creating something special today with one of our talented custom card artists! Visit our social media channels to look for artists that suits your choice.


Vanity Slabs™ is a unique product that ensures the life-long protection of your sports cards. The slabs come in several different sizes and colors, making it easy to find one that fits your specific card collection. The slabs are designed with airtight seals to ensure complete protection from outside elements including dust, moisture, scratches and creases. Additionally, the slabs are strong enough to protect against accidental drops or mishandling.