Vanity Slab Retail Bundle (1 x Slab, Book Case, Pick & Random Card)
Vanity Slab Retail Bundle (1 x Slab, Book Case, Pick & Random Card)

Vanity Slabs Retail Bundle 1 x Slab, Book Case, Pick with One Random Mystery Card Baseball Football Hockey or Basketball

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1 X Vanity Slabs
This is the first batch of Vanity Slabs to ever hit the market!
Order yours during the pre-sale to get exclusive discounts and bragging rights. Each of these also includes a randomly selected trading card.
● Perfect for all collectible cards including sports, non sports cards, superheroes, etc
● Our reusable capsules are perfect for active card dealers and traders too

About this item

Vanity Slab Trading Card Storage Capsule with Personalized Label Display. Protects Sports Collectible Cards from Dust, Moisture. Durable,

Break & Crack Resistant, Clear Transparent for Easy Viewing

* New VSI Card Display Capsule - Treat your card collection to our industry leading capsule displays. They instantly transform the way you showcase and preserve your favorite cards for far greater protection and impressive presentation. Essential upgrade for casual collectors, investors, and businesses.

* Personalized Label Display - On you can download thousands of label design backgrounds and templates for FREE. And you can even enjoy having fun customizing and personalizing your own labels online or in your favorite desktop editor. We even have concierge services where our professional artists can create custom designs for your brand or collection. Personalizing your collection is the next level to take your prized possessions to new heights.

* Effective Protection for Cards - Fully protects your valuable cards from dust and moisture. Exactly what you need for preserving old sports collectible cards or non sports cards from your youth. Helps cards retain their original color and luster many years into the future.

* Scratch & Break Resistant - VSI Slabs are made with glossy clear hard plastic material that holds up well to handling and storage. The clear, transparent look makes it easy to view cards in detail. Now you can fully enjoy inspecting cards without taking them out of the case. Perfect for sharing cards with interested friends and family.

* Great Gift Idea - VSI Card Display Capsules are the ultimate gift for the card collector in your life. Give for birthday, holiday, Father's Day, and Christmas. Many people are taking advantage of our bulk discount to outfit their entire collection. Get yours while we have this revolutionary design in plentiful supply. They are selling fast after being recommended by social media influencers.

Vanity Slab Trading Card Display Capsule - Revolutionary original storage slab with unique Personalized Label Display. This gives you highly professional protection and display with a very pleasing, eye-catching look. These are made of rugged materials to protect trading cards from surface scratches, dust and moisture. Your cards will look good and retain their original colors far into the future. The clear, transparent surface makes it easy to inspect and enjoy cards without having to remove them from the case. Vanity Slabs are the essential upgrade for any serous collector, investor, or business that wants professional quality storage and display.

Product Features:

Vanity Slab Trading Card Display Capsule

Industry leading Personalized Label Display

Protects cards from surface scratches, dust and moisture

Clear, transparent for easy viewing

No need to remove cards to enjoy or inspect

Easy to use

Essential upgrade for any collectible card

Get Yours - While we have this exciting innovative design in a new shipment ready to send direct to your door. Many people love the look and function so much they return to buy more in bulk. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers who collect cards.

Vanity Slabs™ are highly effective in protecting your collection from dust and moisture. They protect your trading cards from scratch and damage to have them last and look good for decades. They're conveniently reusable. It's easy to open them and replace the card with another.

  • PROTECT YOUR CARDS WITH STYLE – Revolutionary original storage slab with unique personalized label display helps to keep your collectible cards and trading cards new and organized.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL FOR ULTIMATE PROTECTION – Our Trading Card Storage Capsule is Acid-free and made to protect your valuable collection of sports cards, or other trading cards from scratches, dust, and moisture. The smooth sliding prevents fingerprints & scratches from forming.
  • TRANSPARENT FOR EASY ORGANIZING – Vanity Slab™ cardholder is made of transparent material which provides cards a pleasing and eye-catching look along with protection. The crystal clear holders will help you to have a clear view and enjoy cards without removing them from the case.
  • PERFECT FIT FOR TRADING CARDS – Our storage capsules are available in multiple thickness variations and are designed to fit all standard size cards including Baseball Cards, Football Cards, Sports Cards, MTG, Yugioh, kpop photo cards and many more. These are also great for mini photo albums and custom trading cards for your children and family members social and sports leagues.
  • PERFECT GIFT – These awesome storage slabs make a practical gift for the ones who love to have collections of different cards. They will find these cardholders really cool and helpful in protecting their cards.

Ease of Use:

1. Lay the Vanity Slab Holder on a flat surface.

2. Open the holder by removing the top lid from the bottom tray with either your fingers or a guitar pick.

3. Place your card without a card sleeve in the bottom section of the tray within the arrowed corners.

4. Attach your personalized display label on the top of the tray.

5. Before closing the holder, take a final look to make sure everything is in place and secure.